Compliance Training and Core Regulatory Curriculum for Senior Care Professionals

Training is Vital for an Effective Corporate Compliance Program

An effective compliance program means investing in training your staff. Mandatory training helps reduce risks and costs, promote quality of care for residents, drives customer satisfaction and your reputation.

Collins Learning is an easy to use, online training and education solution for today's busy senior care facility. Designed to help create comprehensive training programs that meet compliance requirements.

Fulfill compliance training requirements for all employees
as well as accreditted continuing education for licensed professionals

From Alzheimer's to Ethics, HIPAA to Mental Illness and Aging, and Person-Centered Care to Active Shooter training...

   our online continuing education is developed by highly qualified healthcare professionals who keep up with the latest trends in senior care and regulatory requirements in health care.

Solutions for Success

policies and procedures

  • Upload and distribute policies and procedures
  • track who's viewed them

training program

  • Auto-assign to staff upon hire and on an on-demand basis
  • Individual and Classroom Learning Options

monitoring and reporting

  • Employee Tracking
  • Compliance Reports
  • Certificates of Completion

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