Learning Management System (LMS)

We are very proud to offer a simple yet effective learning management system that provides great courses, tests, evaluations, and certificates to your employees. The system also provides tracking and reports for administrative staff.

Our LMS features a custom video player for viewing enjoyment, with no capability of fast-forwarding through courses and missing important information. Videos may be paused at any time and learners have the ability to start exactly where they left off, never having to start from the beginning.

We provide "Recommended" compliance course schedules, but you have the ability to develop your own customized course schedule. You can also assign courses to employees, or when it is appropriate, assign employees to take specific courses.

Employee Dashboard

Employees have their own private dashboard where they can see any new messages or documents sent by administrative staff, individual or classroom courses they are assigned, and courses they have completed. They can also print certificates from their dashboard.


Our system allows you to track training progress of individual employees, departments, facilities, Regions and the entire company. Gain peace of mind by remotely monitoring and tracking employees as they finish their monthly compliance training course.


We provide a variety of reports that meet the needs of senior care management. Reporting includes Compliance and Activity, Course and Employee Statistics, policies and procedures compliance and more.

Training and Support

We provide training and support at no additional cost. We will get your team trained and compliance-ready in no time!

We offer live technical and customer service support. Our support is one-on-one and available to everyone who subscribes to Collins Learning.

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