What Is Collins Learning?

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Collins Learning is an online training and education solution for today’s busy senior care facility. We offer all of the compliance training courses required by the state and Federal government as well as a diverse library of CEUs for licensed health care professionals.

From Alzheimer’s to Ethics, HIPAA to Mental Illness and Aging, and Person-Centered Care to Workplace Violence, our courses are delivered in brilliant high definition video and are presented in a lively talk show and documentary style that employees will truly enjoy.

Beyond great courses, Collins Learning offers:

  • Employee Tracking
  • Compliance Reports
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Content Management
  • Messages to Employees
  • Individual and Classroom Learning Options
  • Family Education Videos
  • Census Development

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Benefits of Using Collins Learning

After using Collins Learning, you will discover that your employees enjoy learning and developing new skills. If they are better educated, your residents receive better care.

You will also maintain training compliance and can track employees to see who has finished and not finished their monthly course.

Administrators, directors of nursing, staff development nurses and HR will love the fact that their employees can log on anywhere, anytime and take their required courses. No one has to come in to provide inservice training for all 3 shifts. No one will have to come in on their day off, and secure a babysitter, to attend inservices.

Saving money and saving time. Increased compliance. Better quality of care. That’s what you get with Collins Learning.

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Why Choose Collins Learning?

Although there are other learning management systems online, Collins Learning is simple to use, fun to watch, and well within your facility’s budget. It is also very original. Our team of educators is knowledgeable, practical, and knows how to get great information across so that everyone gains something from it.

We also believe in providing information that is meaningful and inspire employees to watch, learn and become committed to delivering the best care possible.

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James H. Collins, Ph.D.

Jim Collins, Ph.D.

Jim has enjoyed a career early on in college classrooms and later in senior care. Teaching gerontology, sociology, anthropology and psychology paved the way to providing training, education, and motivation to senior care companies, hospice, home health care and hospitals for more than two decades. Jim writes, publishes, consults, and provides continuing education live and online.

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