About Collins Learning

What Is Collins Learning?

Collins Learning is an online training and education solution for today's busy senior care facility. We offer all of the compliance training courses required by the state and Federal government as well as a diverse library of CEUs for licensed healthcare professionals.

Benefits of Using Collins Learning

Save Money and Time. Increase Compliance and Quality of Ccare.

Improve Competency

Better-prepared employees deliver higher levels of service and care. Our competency-rich library provides the best means to improving knowledge and expertise.

Retain Knowledge

Our courses are engaging, educational and entertaining which means your staff will look forward to taking them. When learning is enjoyable, more information is retained.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Your entire team can stay on top of ever-changing rules and regulations in senior care. We make it simple to get new employees up and running and keep current employees up to date on compliance issues.

Access Anywhere

One of the unique issues with hospice is that employees provide services across a fairly large geographic area and sometimes don't get to the home office for weeks. This can decrease communication, team work, and dilute the company's mission. Our library is mobile and goes where your employees go.

Why Choose Collins Learning?

We Help You Get it Done.

At Collins Learning, we’re passionate about your success. We’ve built our business on our belief in growing strong relationships with our clients. We take great pride in providing stellar service and support every step of the way.

Competitive Pricing

No Setup Fees

No Hidden Costs

No Long-Term Contracts


Excellent Content

Best in Class Service & Support