Assisted and Independent Living

Nurturing Independence and Enriching Lives

The needs of older adults in assisted living require specific training that enhances quality of living, choice and independence. Assisted living provides a vibrant community with some assistance in care, especially activities of daily living.

More than ever, assisted living communities are providing specialized memory care environments for seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and other dementia-related disorders. This level of care not only helps to improve or maintain cognitive functions, but allows seniors to age in place.

Enhancing independence, promoting dignity, and delivering high levels of customer service are core features of this unique living environment.

Recruiting and Retaining Caring and Talented Professionals

Find the Right People, Prepare Them Well and Keep Them

Finding, hiring, efficiently on-boarding and keeping good employees is one of the greatest challenges in assisted living communities.

Attract and Retain Talent

Stand out as a senior care leader in your community. Providing unlimited free CEUs to licensed healthcare employees can help to recruit and retain top talent.

Personalize Onboarding and Automate Orientation

Save time by automatically enrolling new hires into customized training plans utilizing Collins Learning Course Tracks.

Employee Wellness

Keep employees healthy and well-prepared with our Employee Wellness courses. These can help to decrease caregiver stress and minimize staff burnout.

Enhance Performance

Develop and Elevate Employees to New Levels of Excellence

Keeping employees engaged and motivated can lead to improved care and a more positive work environment.

Improve Competency

Better-prepared employees deliver higher levels of service and care. Our competency-rich library provides the best means to improving knowledge and expertise.

Develop Leaders

Great leaders deliver great results. Develop more leaders through continuing education and training.

Specialized Training

Collins Learning offers the latest information on memory care and dementia. Employees will find our courses on Alzheimer's, memory care activities and ethics practical and effective.

Reduce Costs

Effective Education and Training Can Reduce Costs

Well-prepared employees make less mistakes, errors and poor decisions. Why take the risk of not providing the best learning management system available?

Retain Knowledge

Our courses are engaging, educational and entertaining which means your staff will look forward to taking them. When learning is enjoyable, more information is retained.

Mitigate Risks

Reduce risks by giving your staff the tools they need to stay on top of regulations, compliance areas, and best practices in senior care.

Address Turnover

Losing employees, especially good ones, is incredibly expensive, and it also takes away continuity of care for your residents. We not only address employee turnover in our course library, we also offer unique content that motivates your staff to stay.

Improve Compliance

Being in the Know is More Important Than Ever Before

Compliance is here to stay, so why not make learning about it easy and effective?

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Your entire team can stay on top of ever-changing rules and regulations in senior care. We make it simple to get new employees up and running and keep current employees up to date on compliance issues.

Policies & Procedures

Manage your organization's policies and procedures. Upload, distribute, test, and report on your P&Ps.

Tracking & Reporting

Collins Learning makes tracking employee progress easy. Reduce the stress of surveys or audits by quickly and easily generating essential reports.

Automate Training

Utilize our Course Tracks to develop customized training plans and assign them to employees automatically or on-demand.

Assisted and Independent Living Course Library

Hundreds of courses to help you and your staff keep up with the latest trends and regulatory requirements in senior care along with all the mandatory courses you need to stay compliant.

Cultural Competence

Courses focused on diversity, multiculturalism, appreciating differences, serving new patient populations, and understanding Health Literacy.

Customer Service

Courses on hospitality in health care, communication, conflict resolution, dealing with difficult people, person-centered care and resident-centered dining.

Employee Orientation

Courses to aid in onboarding new hires focusing on topics such as abuse and neglect, infection control, resident rights, falls, HIPAA and much more.

Employee Wellness

Courses on topics such as The Law of Attraction, mindfulness, stress management, the power of purpose, and building genuine relationships focus on physical and emotional wellbeing.


Courses such as building strong relationships among staff, improving communication, reducing conflict and dealing with difficult people focus on strong and responsible leadership.

Memory Care

Courses on dementia care with a strong focus on memory care as well as dementia care topics such as ethics, nutrition, depression, communication and behaviors and more.

Neurodegenerative Disorders

Courses on Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Huntington's Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis and HIV.

Professional Development

Courses on skills such as communication, conflict resolution, customer service, leadership, building genuine relationships, dealing with difficult people and maintaining a positive attitude.

Solutions for Assisted and Independent Living

We Help Address the Most Critical Challenges in Assisted and Independent Living Communities Today.

Compliance Training

Stay on top of ever-changing rules and regulations in senior care.

Continuing Education

Better prepare employees to deliver higher levels of service and care.

Recruiting and Retention

Find, hire, efficiently on-board and keep good employees.

Business Development and Marketing

Increase new referrals and maintain established referrals.

Learning Management System

Track all of your training, policies and procedures in one place.