About Dr. Jim Collins

Dr. Collins Collins

James H. Collins, Ph.D.

Founder, Collins Learning

Dr. Jim Collins is a Gerontologist and nationally-recognized expert in wellness and health care for seniors and older Americans. Over his 30-year career Dr. Collins has always had a strong focus on education – both as a prolific author of published articles and as the founder of Collins Learning, a highly regarded education service providing training to senior care health professionals around the country.

Dr. Collin's passion for healthy aging began in high school during frequent visits with residents and staff at the Assumption Nursing Home, where his Mom worked. He went on to graduate college with the first ever degree in Applied Gerontological Studies, a major that he created, and also holds a master's degree in Sociology and Psychology of Aging and a doctoral degree in Health Administration. Following his doctorate, he established a gerontology practice and began education consulting to what would become hundreds of senior living communities.

Dr. Collins has written countless articles, newsletters, and the first book about person-centered care for seniors entitled "The Person-Centered Way: Revolutionizing Quality of Life in Long Term Care".

Dr. Collins decided to take his passion for speaking and teaching to a national audience through his company Collins Learning, which is an online learning management system. With its extensive and ever-developing library, Dr. Collins and his dedicated staff bring impactful and timely information to tens of thousands of healthcare professionals in every state throughout the country with this online system.