Skilled Nursing

The need for skilled nursing care in the United States is growing at a fast pace as our population continues to age. Healthcare professionals need to deliver high quality care to residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Receiving proper orientation, compliance training and continuing education is a serious challenge facing skilled facilities, especially today when meeting compliance requirements is vital for maintaining licensure and maintaining a healthy business environment.

Training is a considerable expense when it is done in-person within the facility, and some online companies have substantially steep fees. And considering that employee turnover is close to 50% in many facilities, training becomes even more challenging and expensive.

More than ever, employees need easy access to training that will fulfill both their compliance requirements as well as their continuing education needs, and within the training budget. Collins Learning provides a simple, effective and budget-friendly online solution to both compliance training and CEUs.

Assign courses, track progress, upload custom content, and monitor reports. Simple! Collins Learning is mobile! Employees can log in 24/7 wherever they have Internet access on computers, tablets and smart phones. We are the ideal training and education solution. No development fees. No training fees. No turnover fees. One flat rate annually. We meet both state and federal mandates for training, provide CEUs for licensed staff, help to retain valuable employees and provide the best customer service and support. And we are budget-friendly.

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