How Can Collins Learning Help to Recruit Employees?

We can help you recruit more and better employees in so many ways!

  • Millennials love to learn online and will be happy with our system
  • We've got all the mandatory compliance courses they need to work in senior care
  • We provide unlimited CEUs to all licensed healthcare professionals
  • Our system is mobile and flexible, making learning easy
  • They can be onboarded more efficiently through our orientation series and be ready for their job in no time
  • Employees want to be well-trained and our system prepares them for success
  • Potential employees will be impressed that your company cares enough to provide a complete learning management system for them to use anywhere and anytime

How Can Collins Learning Help to Retain Employees?

We can also help you retain valuable employees and decrease turnover.

  • Licensed healthcare professionals will find obtaining their CEUs a perk and benefit they won't want to lose
  • Educated and well-trained employees stay longer
  • Great education can help employees get promoted within
  • Better training leads to greater engagement which in turn leads to higher retention
  • An atmosphere of learning enhances employee morale and reduces stress

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