Continuing Education

Continuing Education for Senior Care Professionals

Continuous Learning to Improve Care Outcomes

Your staff deserve an effective compliance and continuing education program that will better prepare them to meet the challenges on the job and improve the care and well-being of your residents.

Your company should have an online training partner that helps reduce risks and costs, drives customer satisfaction, enhances your reputation, and enhances the resident's quality of life.

Collins Learning is an easy to use, online training and education solution for today's busy senior care community. It is designed to deliver comprehensive training programs that meet compliance and continuing education requirements.

Solutions for Success

Fulfill compliance training requirements for all employees as well as accredited continuing education for licensed professionals.

Improve Competency

Better-prepared employees deliver higher levels of service and care. Our competency-rich library provides the best means to improving knowledge and expertise.

Continuous Learning

Our compliance courses will prepare your staff to deliver better care and enhance resident's quality of life. Specialized courses will better prepare your clinical team to provide higher levels of care.

Develop Leaders

Great leaders deliver great results. Develop more leaders through continuing education and training.

Attract and Retain Talent

Stand out as a senior care leader in your community. Providing unlimited free CEUs to licensed healthcare employees can help to recruit and retain top talent.

Course Library

Training is Vital for an Effective Corporate Compliance Program

An effective compliance program means investing in training your staff. Mandatory training helps reduce risks and costs, promote quality of care for residents, drives customer satisfaction and your reputation.


Hundreds of engaging, educational and entertaining courses to help your staff stay engaged and better retain information.

Relevant Topics

Timely topics that keep up with the latest trends and regulatory requirements in senior care.

Compliance Training

We help you and your staff stay on top of ever-changing rules and regulations in senior care.


We have courses are approved for nurses, social workers, certified case managers, administrators, activity professionals and more.

Unlimited CEUs to Staff

Provide your staff unlimited access to free CEUs to meet licensing and certification needs.

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Other Solutions for Senior Care Facilities

We Help Address the Most Critical Challenges in Senior Care Today.

Compliance Training

Stay on top of ever-changing rules and regulations in senior care.

Recruiting and Retention

Find, hire, efficiently on-board and keep good employees.

Business Development and Marketing

Increase new referrals and maintain established referrals.

Learning Management System

Track all of your training, policies and procedures in one place.